Our Braces

Six months smiles / Short term Orthodontics

This type of treatment is specially designed for our adolescent and adult patients that are interested in a quick smile makeover that lasts just a few months (up to 18-24 weeks). We quite often are asked for a quick smile makeover usually prior to a significant event (such as a wedding or holidays) and we have implemented a treatment regime that is ideal for these circumstances. It is not unusual for treatment to last as little as 4 months in cases that only modest tooth movements are planned and in that respect we are more than happy to provide this service to our patients.

Clearly, with such a short treatment duration, it would extremely difficult to achieve significant bite re-organisation or tooth movements that exceed a few millimetres; however your Orthodontist will be able to advise you on all your options including short and longer term solutions to suit your lifestyle and personal requirements.

Our six months smile treatment range has been designed with extreme flexibility in mind and can include:

  • Metal fixed braces
  • Tooth-coloured (ceramic) braces
  • Aligner type braces
  • Lingual braces

You may have heard in the Press / advised by your family Dentist about treatment options such as ‘C-fast’, ‘Inman Aligners’ or ‘Quick Straight Teeth’ which are usually carried out by non-Specialist practitioners and provide limited outcomes. The Orthodontists that will see you have undergone 3 or 5 year Specialist training and will provide the highest quality of service in the same or less time frame for an equivalent cost. If you have been offered a non-Specialist type of treatment, we would invite you to come and speak to us about your options.