Patient portal

At Ayrshire Orthodontics, we are committed to keeping your treatment as seamless and paperless as possible. The advent of the COVID pandemic has motivated us to think of novel ways of keeping in contact with you, our patients, as well as making your treatment journey easier to navigate. The latest innovation we have implemented is a Patient Portal. This will enable you to:

  • Maintain the personal information you keep with us
  • Update new information with regards to your contact details, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Update your medical history in real time
  • Remote check-in for your appointments to minimise waiting time in the reception area
  • Check your balance with us and pay your orthodontic bills (if applicable)

To access the patient Portal, you will need to click the button below and a new window will appear.

To login, you will need to input the patient’s name and date of birth. For added security you will be given a code via text or email to complete.

If you cannot login to your Portal or need some help, please email us at