NHS Treatment

Eligibility for NHS braces

You may already be aware that not all patients are eligible for orthodontic treatment under the NHS. This depends on the crowding of your teeth and the position/severity of your bite. Fortunately, most of our patients will still lie in the moderate to severe bite/crowding categories that qualify for treatment. Even though we cannot guarantee that you will be treated under the NHS, we can guarantee that anyone under the age of 18 years of age will have a free Consultation. At that visit, your Orthodontist will tell you if he thinks funding can be obtained. If not, the option of Independent treatment will be discussed as well. Please click on the Independent treatment tab for more information.

For you to be eligible for NHS braces, you have to be referred by your General Dentist. We have worked hard to shorten our NHS waiting list, so you will only have to wait around 6 weeks for your consultation appointment. As waiting lists may vary depending on the time of the year, our helpful reception staff will be able to advise you more accurately on this.

Presently, NHS treatment is free for all of our under-18 year old patients provided the bite/crowding is severe enough to meet current NHS guidelines.