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Invisalign is an alternative solution for our private patients that do not want the inconvenience and ‘feel’ of fixed braces on their teeth. The treatment utilises removable ‘aligners’, which are active removable see-through retainers that can move teeth. The reported benefits include an unobtrusive treatment experience, complete social confidence and less irritation to your mouth caused by the fixed metal or ceramic components of the braces.

The treatment sequence is slightly different to conventional braces and your Orthodontist will talk you through it. Briefly, it involves a set of moulds of your teeth that a computer software analyses and constructs a number of ‘aligners’ that will move your teeth fractions of millimetres at a time. As you change your ‘aligners’ so will your teeth move in the prescribed sequence.

It is only available for mild cases of crowding and spacing and treatment may take slightly longer due to the nature of treatment progression.